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Secondary Services

Jessen's use of Lean cellular manufacturing, exceptional engineering, in-house tool making and efficient production all come together to provide Just-in-Time delivery for customers in a variety of industries. The types of materials handled include carbon and alloy steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, plastic, stainless steel and most other exotic materials.

We meet our customers' needs... from prototype short production runs to high volume production quantities. Parts range from the basic to the most complex ones.

Services provided, but not limited to include: Broaching, Grinding, Honing, Conventional Milling, Reaming, Slotting, Thermal Deburring, EDM services, Stamping, Staking, Bending, Thread Rolling, Forming, Tapping, Vibratory Finishing, Machining of gear racks, and light assembly, etc.

We provide a complete part from start to finish. Contact Us if you have a need for one of these services outside our normal production.

Use the “Request Information” selection to contact us. Attach your design documentation along with your contact information for our Engineering Department to review and provide you with a quote.

 Machine Specifications:   Materials & Supporting Documentation:   General Specifications:   

ISO Certifications:

ISO 9001:2008 Certification
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Tolerances the machines can produce repeatedly:

Honing: .0002 inch with a number 4 micron Surface Finish
Broaching: .0004 inch
Centerless Grinding: See Equipment List Below

Quantity of Parts Produced:

We can produce: prototype parts of one, to high volume production quantities.

Equipment List

Broaching Department:
(1) Miles Horizontal Hydraulic Broach
      36" Stroke x 5 Ton / High Speed Operation

(1) Miles Vertical Hydraulic Broach Machine
      36" Stroke x 2 Ton / High Speed Operation

(1) Detroit Horizontal Hydraulic Broach
      60" Stroke x 8 Ton / High Speed Operation

    Available Broaching Shapes are:
    "Sizes should be confirmed at inquiry".
      For Internal Profiles:
      • Keyway - Square Profiles

      • Splines and Keyways Profiles

      • "D" & Double "D" Profiles

      For External Profiles:
      • Slots

      • Gear & Tooth Profiles

      • Angles & Flat Profiles
Grinding Department:
(1) Okuma ID & OD Grinder:
+/-0.00005 inch from Diameters from .080" to 12" x 36" Long

(4) Cincinnati Centerless Grinders, Model #2
      With Auto Load & Unload
      In-Feed Grinding & Profile Grinding
+/- 0.0001 inch from Diameter: .062" TO 4 " x 36" Long

(1) Sunnen Hone, Model #1804
+/- 0.00005 inch with ID Ranges from 1/16" to 6-1/2" x 16" Long

Secondary Operations Machines:
(3) Tree-Kira 10 tool CNC tap/mill machine centers, Model VTC-30
(3) Snow automatic single and 2-spindle drilling/tapping machines
(11) Milwaukee Production Milling Machines
(1) Warner & Swasey #3 Turret Lathe
(1) Cleveland Lead Screw Tapping Machine
(3) Dumore Multi-station Drilling Machines
(3) Hardinge Super Precision Bench Lathes
(1) Clausing Lathe
(20) Drill Presses
(1) Roto Finisher
(1) Tumbler
(1) Small Tumbler (Shaker)

Parts Cleaning Equipment:
(1) Empire Abrdasive Air-Blast Deburring System
(1) Wellman Augar Washer
(1) Ramco Parts Wash / Rinse / Dry Line System, Including Ultrasonic Cleaning

Various other equipment including marking presses, arbor presses, belt sanders, polishing and buffing machines, etc.


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Long Term Quality Plan
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