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Inventory Management Services

Our simple, yet efficient, inventory management service is ideal for businesses that need JIT delivery of parts. We forecast material requirements, warehouse products, and plan all supply chain activities for your projects. Kanban systems, stock & release, and MRP management integration are some of the inventory management programs we offer to our customers.

MRP management systems at our customer’s end can be integrated with our inventory management services that customize the delivery of finished parts according to production requirements. Constant flow of materials without surplus or shortage issues can be ensured with our Kanban systems. Stock & release programs are also provided if there is no requirement for a steady supply of parts. We work closely with our customers to understand typical production volume needs and create an appropriate stock & release program. Customers need to provide a single purchase order and the delivery of parts is implemented according to the scheduling needs specified under the stock & release program. Customers’ request for additional part deliveries during production emergencies can also be accommodated with our ship-to-stock services.

The completed part is shipped to the customer’s location in a ready-to-use format, eliminating the time and cost involved in secondary operations. Lean processes for storing and managing products efficiently are adopted in our warehouse. Our team can handle all inventory activities, such as order processing, material handling, packing, loading/unloading and transportation. We also provide assistance in inventory planning or manage the entire inventory for you.

Use of world class manufacturing techniques, lean cellular manufacturing, exceptional engineering, in-house tool making, and efficient production programs are pooled together to provide JIT delivery for customers in a variety of industries.

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JIT Delivery
Kanban – Inventory management

MRP Management


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